Installing the TagTray JavaScript

Install the TagTray JavaScript as described in Step 2 of the installation docs here.

The TagTray library can be added through your admin at Content -> Configuration by editing the HTML Head settings of your store view.

Inserting Global Galleries

If you want to display a general gallery not tied to any particular product, locate the template corresponding to where you wish the gallery to display, and insert the gallery code following Step 3 of the installation docs here.

Configuring Shoppable Galleries

In order for TagTray to access your product catalog, it must be exposed via Magento 2's REST API using token based authentication. The steps to do so are:

  1. Log in to Admin and click System > Integrations to display the Integrations page.
  2. Click Add New Integration to display the New Integration page.
  3. Enter a unique name for the integration in the Name field. Then enter your admin password in the Your Password field. Leave all other fields blank.
  4. Click the API tab. Select the checkbox beside Products -> Inventory -> Catalog.
  5. Click Save to save your changes and return to the Integrations page.
  6. Click the Activate link in the grid that corresponds to the newly-created integration.
  7. Click Allow. A dialog will appear listing four tokens, including the Access Token. Make note of this access token -- you will need to provide it to us to complete your integration.
  8. After completing this API configuration, contact us to complete your setup.

Displaying Product-Specific Galleries via Shoppable Galleries

In order to display product-specific galleries on your product pages, you can pass your Magento product ID into your gallery display snippet using the data-product-id attribute. After doing so, only photos tagged with the specified product will be displayed.

To access the current product ID from your Magento template, use: