Frequently Asked Questions

1) I've installed TagTray, but my gallery isn't showing.

TagTray requires at least jQuery v1.7.0 to operate -- please verify that your site has jQuery installed (it is very uncommon for this not to be the case), and that you are using a new enough version. Note also that jQuery must be loaded before the TagTray JavaScript.

For Shopify users, we find that some themes are using an older version of jQuery (v1.4). This can be rectified by updating the version of jQuery being loaded by changing the following line in your Shopify layout:
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

2) An Instagram photo is missing from my stream.

This issue is typically caused by a test photo being posted privately to friends only (in which case we are unable to import it). Please verify that the photo was posted publicly.

3) Can TagTray import "@" Photos of You from Instagram?

Unfortunately Instagram doesn't have an API endpoint for querying their "@" Photos of You tags (they're currently just used to show the images in the profile of the account on which they were tagged).

These photos can, however, be manually requested by selecting the "Manual Search" option at the top right of an Instagram stream, then click the "Reauthorize with a New Instagram Account" button.

4) Can I connect to multiple Instagram accounts?

TagTray only allows you to stay permanently connected to one primary Instagram account. However, there are ways to manage multiple accounts.

To switch between primary Instagram accounts, visit your Social Streams page while logged into the Instagram account you wish to switch to, click "+ Add Stream", then "Reauthorize With a New Instagram Account." You may switch back to the original account at any time following the same steps.

Alternatively, we offer the ability to whitelist secondary Instagram accounts with which you're affiliated. Once an account has been whitelisted, you can ingest hashtagged photos posted from these accounts without requesting permission. Contact us for assistance with whitelisting accounts.

5) A Twitter photo is missing from my stream.

Unfortunately, Twitter's search API does not query from a full set of historical Tweets, but instead searches against a sampling of recent Tweets published in the past 7 days. Twitter's indexing algorithm may also exclude Tweets that they deem to be "spammy" (the search API is focused on relevance and not completeness).

6) A Facebook photo is missing from my stream.

Because Facebook's API doesn't offer true hashtag support, we have to be creative in finding and identifying photos to import.

In order for a Facebook photo to ingest into TagTray, it must be posted to your main Facebook wall, and must have the hashtag included as part of the post text.

A photo hashtagged in a photo album, will not be found, nor will photos that are edited to include a hashtag after your TagTray gallery has been created.